Crew Performance and Professional Standards

Optimizing Excellence: Elevating Crew Performance and Professional Standards for Superior Aviation Outcomes

Crew Performance and Professional Standards as an Enterprise Solution 

Crew Performance and Professional Standards is an enterprise solution to achieving the highest levels of safety and collaborative behaviors amongst Flight Crew and their Managers/Leaders. From Onboarding to Manuals and Training, Crewise walks you through setting organizational principles and priorities that define clear expectations for Internal and external customer service. 

Fact Finding and Accountability for Leaders

Despite our best efforts, there are moments when essential discussions are needed to ensure our crews meet performance expectations. Integrating Crew Performance (CP) and Professional Standards (PS) into our framework marks the start of these pivotal conversations. Yet, it's the manner in which leaders conduct investigations and hold individuals accountable that can lead to a spectrum of outcomes—from positive behavioral shifts to punitive measures, or even more challenging situations. This leadership course is designed to equip you with the confidence required to navigate these moments effectively.

Peer Mediation:

Safety is always our top priority. However, there are times when certain behaviors from our crew members may distract us from performing at our best. Often, the most effective way to address these behaviors is through peer-mediated solutions. The concept of Professional Standards has proven itself across the industry by elevating safety and performance benchmarks for airlines. With the Professional Standards  team at Crewise, our Business Aviation clients who previously lacked the resources to implement a comprehensive program can easily integrate this service into their offerings in just a few simple steps.

Conflict Resolution: Scenario Based Training 

Conflict is a natural part of our professional landscape. While some individuals navigate it with ease, others may shy away or struggle in the face of discord. It's important to recognize that conflict can arise in any aspect of flight operations, whether among crew members, with clients, support teams, management, or owners. Crewise offers a scenario-based learning approach that not only transforms conflict into a constructive experience but also aids in swiftly restoring operations after any misunderstandings.

Soaring Beyond: Elevate Your Crew's Potential

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