Mental and Emotional Wellness

Powered By: The Center for Aviation Psychology

Peer Support

At Crewise, we emphasize the critical role of peer support in the aviation industry, fostering a culture of mutual assistance and resilience. Partnering with the Centre for Aviation Psychology, we deliver expert, confidential support through well-structured peer support programs. This partnership leverages their extensive experience, offering development, management, clinical supervision, and ongoing training for peer support volunteers. 

Resilience Hub

The Resilience Hub at Crewise is dedicated to enhancing the mental well-being and resilience of aviation professionals. It offers a variety of resources and tools designed to support personal and professional growth. Through workshops, training modules, and self-help materials, the Resilience Hub empowers individuals to develop coping strategies and resilience skills. Aviation personnel can independently access a wealth of resources. This comprehensive approach ensures they are well-equipped to handle the unique challenges of their profession, fostering a healthier, more resilient workforce

Join Our Team of Supportive Aviators 

At Crewise, we understand the unique challenges that pilots face throughout their careers. That’s why we’re looking for dedicated and empathetic pilots to join our Peer Pilot Program. As a Peer Pilot, you'll have the opportunity to provide invaluable support to your fellow aviators.

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