Aeromedical Support

Medical Recertification Assistance

Dedicated to supporting pilots through the intricate process of medical recertification. Understanding the challenges and uncertainties that come with medical issues, we offer personalized assistance and direct connections to premier aeromedical providers. Our service is designed to navigate the complexities of the recertification process, ensuring pilots receive the medical and administrative support required to regain their certification. 

Guidance on DUIs and Other Reportable Offenses

Navigating the complexities of reportable offenses, including DUIs, public intoxication, or other domestic offenses that result in citations, can be a daunting task for pilots. Certain incidents require reporting to the FAA's Aviation Security Division to mitigate the risk of severe penalties. As an operation, establishing a support system for these situations is crucial not only for compliance but also to safeguard against potential complications that could affect flying privileges domestically and internationally. Crewise specializes in developing robust support systems tailored to assist aviation professionals in managing reportable offenses efficiently and discreetly. By partnering with Crewise, you ensure that your team has the necessary guidance and resources to navigate these challenges effectively, minimizing the impact on your operations and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and safety.

Mental and Emotional Wellness 

The aviation sector with its unique set of pressures demands robust support systems to navigate mental and emotional challenges effectively. Crewise acknowledges the critical need for specialized mental health resources that cater not just to pilots but their families as well, understanding that well-being at home directly impacts performance on the job. We offer a broad spectrum of resources, from self-guided exploration to structured support systems, designed to meet the diverse needs of your crews. Whether it's confidential counseling, coping strategies, or more intensive care, Crewise serves as your conduit to trusted partners and specialized providers, ensuring that your team has access to the mental health support they need. Our mission is to assist operators in maintaining a resilient, mentally healthy workforce capable of meeting the demands of the aviation industry with confidence and professionalism.

HIMS Program Management

The Human Intervention Motivation Study (HIMS) is a comprehensive solution aimed at enhancing air safety and preserving pilot careers through proactive substance abuse and legal issue management. By partnering with us to develop and oversee your company's HIMS program, we ensure a seamless integration of best practices and regulatory compliance, setting a foundation for a safer, more resilient workforce. Our expert team focuses on creating a confidential, supportive environment that facilitates early detection, intervention, and continuous monitoring, safeguarding your pilots' well-being and career longevity, while upholding the highest standards of air safety. 

We Are Here to Support You

At Crewise, your crews medical, mental and emotional well-being is our top priority. If you have questions, need more information about our services, or wish to connect with one of our trusted mental health professionals, we're just a message away.

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