Critical Incident Response

Empowering Aviation Excellence: Advanced Crisis Management and Communication Solutions

Critical Incident Stress Management

Crewise is dedicated to fostering resilience and well-being within the aviation community through our Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) system. Understanding the unique pressures faced by pilots, we offer a confidential channel for them to reach out following any critical event, be it personal or work-related. Our aim is to provide immediate, compassionate support, ensuring that those affected are not alone in their recovery journey. In the event of workplace incidents, we conduct thorough debriefings with the crew involved, aiming to mitigate long-term psychological effects and promote a healthy, supportive recovery process. Our commitment is to stand by our aviation professionals, offering the guidance and support they need to navigate the challenges of their demanding careers.

Emergency Communications

Our emergency communication and medical support services are anchored in an advanced platform designed to expertly manage medical emergencies. This platform facilitates direct live video calls with emergency medicine physicians, allowing for real-time medical consultation and expert guidance in critical moments. Furthermore, it boasts the capability to track patients' vital signs through sophisticated monitoring devices, ensuring that vital health information is accurately monitored and assessed in real time. This comprehensive approach not only streamlines the response to medical emergencies but also enhances patient care by enabling informed and timely medical interventions. With this innovative system, we offer a lifeline of support, ensuring that expert medical help is always within reach.

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